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Buddhism Basics

the founder of Buddhism was Siddhartha Gautama, (commonly known as the Buddah, although this was not his name. Buddah, merely means ‘enlightened one’, which is something that anyone can become) an indian prince who lived a life of luxury. he married young, and had a wife and child. despite having a seemingly settled and happy life, he knew that he was not truly at peace with himself, and the world. this became an apparent realisation when he left his palace grounds for the first time, and saw suffering. he left the palace permanently to live a holy life, and to try to search for truth. after long periods of difficult travelling and meditation, he developed the Buddhist Doctrine, or the Buddhist Teachings.

unlike many other religions, Buddhism does not identify with a deity, and is actually a very straightforward and practical religion.

it is believed that all living things are in a cycle of death and rebirth, and that the goal is to leave this cycle, which can be done by reaching enlightenment. an enlightened one will live a joyous and peaceful life, and then, at their death, they will enter Nirvana, and leave the cycle.


  • This is the idea that past actions (actions which may have taken place in a persons current life, or in a past life), will have either negative or positive effects on our present life. a bad action will cause bad things to happen to us, and a good action will cause good things to happen to us.
  • There are variations throughout different strands of Buddhism as to what karma is…
  • Early Buddhism suggests that not everything we experience is a result of Karma, but may be caused by natural events, like a hurricane or a tsunami.
  • Later, Tibetan Buddhism suggests that everything we experience is because of past actions. 
  • It isn’t just the actions we do, but the intentions behind them that cause our Karma. when we act upon generous and loving thoughts, we create good Karmic habits. when actions are based on hate or greed, bad Karmic habits are created. 
  • In order to rid ones self of bad Karmic habits, a Buddhist will weaken negative impulses, by allowing them to rise and fall within their mind naturally, but without acting upon them. 

The Four Noble Truths

  • the truth of suffering (dukkha)old age sickness and death were the three causes of suffering that the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, was first exposed to when he left his palace for the first time. however, upon meditation it became clear to him that human suffering is ultimately caused by negative desire (tanha). wanting or craving something leads to either remaining in a state of desire, and perhaps disappointment, or temporarily satisfying that desire. the temporal satisfaction will not achieve ultimate happiness and pleasure. therefore desires and cravings make humans sad. 
  • the origin of suffering (samudaya)the Buddha believed that there were three main causes of suffering, each represented by an animal. the rooster shows greed and desire, the pig shows ignorance and delusion, and the snake shows hatred and destructiveness. to put it in basic terms, these sufferings are all present because of a lack of deep understanding of the nature of life. 
  • the cessation of suffering (nirodha) in order to end suffering, one must become free of all desires. this means putting an end to greed, ignorance and hatred, and becoming an entirely compassionate being. reaching this state of mind is the goal for Buddhists, and is known as Enlightenment, and leads to Nirvana.
  • the path to the cessation of suffering (maggain order to achieve Nirvana, one must follow the guidelines of the Eightfold Path…

The Eightfold Path

the way to Nirvana is through the Eightfold Path, which consists of eight teachings, which, when put together and practised side by side, will lead to enlightenment. the eight teachings can be divided into three subsections; wisdom (panna), conduct (sila) and meditation (samadhi).

the eightfold path is often represented using the Wheel of Dharma: image

  • right understanding (samma ditthi), wisdom (pannain order to reach enlightenment, one must accept, practice and understand the Buddhist teachings. 
  • right intention (samma sankappa), wisdom (pannathis refers to a determination to rid oneself of thoughts, behaviours or characteristics that one knows to be negative or immoral. 
  • right speech (samma vaca), conduct (sila) speaking truthfully, and lovingly at all times. this involves avoiding gossip, and abusive speech.
  • right action (samma kammanta), conduct (sila) to achieve enlightenment, you must act in a peaceful and compassionate way. you should refrain from killing, stealing or causing harm to both yourself, and other creatures. as well as this, you must not overindulge in sensual pleasures.
  • right livelihood (samma ajiva), conduct (sila) making a living for yourself should be done in a way that is peaceful, and does not cause harm. this includes abstaining from jobs that involve harming animals or people, or working with weapons, or intoxicants.
  • right effort (samma vayama), meditation (samadhi) work towards becoming a positive, peaceful and enlightened person. let go of harmful deeds and thoughts, and cultivate and maintain wholesome deeds and thoughts. 
  • right mindfulness (samma sati), meditation (samadhi) mindfulness involves becoming aware of yourself. a developed awareness of your body, your senses, and your feelings will lead to a greater sense of awareness in general. 
  • right concentration (samma samadhi), meditation (samadhi) in order to achieve awareness of yourself and others, you must be focused and determined.

it is important to remember that one must not blindly follow these directions. Buddhists learn of their truth through experience and meditation. it is encouraged that you make your own judgements about the teachings, and how they apply to situations in your life. this is why many Buddhists are incredibly considering people, taking time over each decision they make, in order to ensure that it is a good and compassionate one. 

this is just the beginning of Buddhism, i wish i could write more, but this is as far as i can go without being unsure of my knowledge. next to learn for me, is the Wheel of Life… if anyone wants to give me any help it would be much appreciated. also if ive made any mistakes, let me know :)




ladies and gentlemen, the american education system

My school apparently ran out of toilet paper a few weeks ago and my Spanish teacher was telling the girls to keep a roll in their purses and the guys to keep a roll in our backpacks. North American Education system.

this is basically any public school in the world tbh

oh no holy shit some poor westerners had to carry loo paper about for a bit, how fucking tragic.

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rastamouse is the fucking best


1) You will hurt people. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes without meaning to, but you will hurt people. It doesn’t make you a bad person, but learn to accept that you may be a villain in someone else’s book.

2) Learn to apologize. Learn to mean your apologies. Learn to say them with sympathy. Apologies are not about your conscience, or about your problems - they are about someone else - understand that! Understand that words can’t undo deeds, they do not heal. Do not demand forgiveness, work for it. Accept responsibility, do not shy away from it. But never, ever, apologize to appease someone. It is a betrayal - of yourself, as much as it’s a betrayal of them.

3) Own your body! Own the softness of your tummy. Love your legs even when they’re hairy. Look at your face without makeup and find things to love - the eyes of the survivor and the lips that speak wonders and those cheeks that flush when you laugh. Love the parts that jiggle and the parts that are firm. Love all of you.

4) Do not be afraid to take up space. There is a difference between being polite and being invisible. Do not be afraid to laugh loudly, to smile widely, to talk passionately. Do not be afraid to exist fully, unapologetically.

5) There is nothing you can do to make someone fall in love with you. Let me repeat that - there is nothing you can do to make someone fall in love with you. Because see, the only thing you can do is change, but then they wouldn’t be falling in love with you, but with the person you’re trying to be for them. They’d be falling in love with things you stopped yourself from saying, and laughs you faked and the hairstyle you hate. They’d be falling in love with a person you don’t even like. Find someone who will love you the way you are, someone with whom you don’t have to try.

6) Make playlists. I know, I know this seems silly, but trust me on this one, make playlists. A playlist to help you sleep and a playlist to calm you down at 3am when the walls around you seem to be crumbling. Make playlists, because sometimes there won’t be people around to remind you of who you are, to remind you how strong you are, to tell you to put the razor blade down. And the thing is - the music might. But more importantly, it will remind you of who you are, it will remind you of the sunny Sunday morning when you spent hours compiling it, it will remind you that darkness is only temporary, that tears dry, that you know how to smile, that you love to smile.

7) Learn how to write cover letters well, really well! Write a great CV! Take your time. Formatting is important. Use spell-check and punctuation and for the love of God use a decent font! Always come 15 minutes early for interviews. Have a spare pair of tights in your bag. Do not drink coffee on the way! When asked about your flaws, do not say you’re a perfectionist - there is nothing employers hate more! No one cares about that play you were in, in 10th grade and the three guitar chords you kind of know. Always read the company profile. Be informed. Do not lie. Admit when you don’t know something. Ask for instructions again if you don’t understand. Do more than you are required - workplace is not school, there is no limit to what you can achieve!

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so yesterday i received the giveaway package i won! it was so so sweet and i shall post pictures online later :D thank you so much walkinggraffitidesigns / walkinggraffiti !!! such a sweet note aswell, and also, the CD! your band is brilliant!! one of my new faves, and the art on the cover aswell!! ahhhh! anyways, i hope your having a lovely day, you lovely person!